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Emma Jane Howe (B.Ed)

Founder of Emma Jane Tutoring
Teacher of English, Math, Science, Sociology and Psychology 

All our staff have a Full
DBS and teaching experience

Hi there! My name is Emma and I am enthusiastic about helping young people achieve their full potential. I have taught for over 15 years now in different capacities and I also juggle my life as a tutor with my life as a mother. 

I attended university and obtained my teaching degree back in 2011 and I have worked, primarily in Bushey and Watford ever since! I have worked in numerous primary and secondary schools teaching and have also run my own tutoring business for over 10 years. I have also worked abroad; Both in Italy and Poland and I am currently working alongside a few local secondary schools to help with alternative provision for those pupils to poorly to attend school. 

My main drive is to deliver the best supplementary education possible to support children who may get lost in large class sizes or be let down by a high staff turn over or inadequate teaching at their own school which seems to be a common thread in all schools not excluding independent schools. 

I encourage all of my students to be excited by what they are learning. I have turned 'dull' topics (in their words not mine!) into exciting lessons where the students have asked more and more questions fuelled by their own curiosity.


I make every effort to get to know my own students on a personal level in order to cater the learning to them and extend this from my 1:1 students into group teaching too. I am available to my students any time so if they are worried or have a question they can always get in contact with me to avoid any unnecessary stress! I also feel that the community based learning approach that we are chieving helps to ground pupils, build confidence and raise expectations for all. 

I am also available for parents to contact me with any queries or concerns. Do get in touch if you need to. 


Holly Harris 

Teacher of KS3 English

Hi! I am Holly, and I am teaching English classes!


I believe that books and reading truly unveil the world for growing minds, and this is why I love the subject. Looking at
literature can be the gateway into a space of imagination and provoke critical thinking skills. As a class, we are in a supportive environment whereby we can discuss such a wide array of topics, with a student led dynamic, looking from poetry, to non-fiction, to novels.


Teaching English is such a pleasure as it allows me to understand different ways that students may think, and how we can guide each
other! My personal experience with English is one of great depth. An avid reader since a child (reading all the books in the younger section of the library by the age of eight) I have always immersed myself in the world of literature, from classics to more  contemporary prose, and endeavour to impart this love of English onto the next generation.


Away from my personal enjoyment of literature, I have privately tutored teens and children, as well as working with GCSE level students, and have straight 9s at GCSE, as well as A*’s at A-level. I feel that this experience is merely supportive of the joy and pleasure I have when working with young people through the lens of education. I am incredibly excited to be working with your teens and helping them achieve to the best of their potential!

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